Increase the revenue impact of your social media programs

The explosive use of social media and mobile devices are fundamenatally changing just any everything about the way companies are engaging with consumers. And enterprise sales and marketing teams are right at the center of this transformation. 


Join Altimeter analyst Susan Etlinger and Tracx EVP, Geoff Farris, for an informative webinar to learn the latest trends in enterprise social media measurement, as well as gain practical tips on how you can drive more revenue and sales through social channels. 


In this session, you'll learn...

  • Latest trends in enterprise social media measurement and ROI: what other companies are doing and where they're still falling short.
  • Why both organizational and technical elements play such a critical role in effective social measurement and what changes are required.
  • How social media management system (SMMS) pioneer, Tracx, can help you mine social conversations in real time to find--and engage--with people actively looking for your product on social networks.


About the Speakers


Susan Etlinger, Industry Analyst, Altimeter Group

Susan Etlinger is an industry analyst at Altimeter Group, where she works with global companies to develop both social media listening and measurement strategies that support their business objectives. Susan has a diverse background in marketing and strategic planning within both corporations and agencies. She’s a frequent speaker on social media and analytics and has been extensively quoted in outlets including Fast Company, BBC, New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.



Geoff Farris, Executive Vice President, tracx

Geoff Farris is on the executive leadership at social intelligence software pioneer, Tracx, where he works with global companies to help them leverage innovative enterprise social media to not only drive deeper business value from social, but also revenue. Geoff’s broad experience across business development and sales spans both companies large and small. He’s a frequent speaker on social media and analytics and industry events.

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